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1. * * Self production of threaded rods* *: We have our own threaded rods factory, producing various high-quality threaded rods products, including bolts, nuts, screws, etc., to ensure product quality and delivery time.
2. * * Supply Chain Management * *: We have established cooperative relationships with high-quality fastener manufacturers from all over China, fully utilizing our own factory and supplier resources to provide comprehensive supply chain management services and meet customer needs.
3. * * Quality Control and Testing * *: We strictly implement quality control standards, from raw material procurement to production and manufacturing, to final product testing, to ensure that product quality meets international standards.
4. Customized Services: Based on specific customer requirements and standards, we provide customized fastener products and solutions, including size, material, surface treatment, and other customized services.
5. * * International Logistics Delivery * *: We cooperate with reliable international logistics partners to provide fast and safe logistics delivery services, ensuring that Chinese made fastener products arrive in customers' hands on time.
6. * * Technical support and after-sales service * *: We have a professional technical team to provide technical support and after-sales service, solve problems encountered by customers during use, and ensure customer satisfaction.
**Why choose us * *:
-Self production factory: We have our own threaded rods factory, which can control product quality and production progress, provide competitive prices and stable supply.
-Comprehensive Supply Chain Management: We integrate our own factory and supplier resources, provide comprehensive supply chain management services, and meet customer needs.
-Customization capability: We provide customized products and solutions to meet the personalized needs of customers and enhance their competitiveness.
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